We put the same care, attention and pride into servicing and repair work as building a custom guitar. Below you’ll find pricing and descriptions on some of the more popular services offered.

Please contact us for an accurate quote on the following.

-Neck/headstock break repairs
-Custom pickguards
-Pickup routing
-Custom wiring options
-Pickup re-winding – Vintage enamel or modern poly wire.
-Pickup wax potting to eliminate unwanted microphonics & feedback.
-Acoustic guitar pickup & preamp install
-Acoustic bracing/bridge/crack repairs.
-Custom wiring options
-Full & partial re-frets.


Pickup installation –
Single pickup $40.00+GST
Humbucker Pair/Strat/Tele set $60.00+GST

Switches – Include installation
3 way LP style switch (Japanese made switch) $40.00+GST
3 way Blade/Tele style (CLR brand) $65.00+GST
5 way Blade/Strat style (CLR brand) $65.00+GST

Pots – Include installation
250/500k CTS $25.00+GST
250/500k CTS/Bourns Push-Pull wired as you like $35.00+GST

Output jack – Include installation
Mono Switchcraft $25.00+GST
Stereo Switchcraft $29.00+GST
Barrel Switchcraft $39.00+GST


*All re-frets include the Deluxe setup in price*

*A new nut will generally be required for re frets, especially when going to larger fret sizes*

Includes fretboard levelling, radius sand before fret installation.

Any Nickel-Steel fret size of your choice. +$100.00 for Stainless Steel frets

Bolt on neck: Oiled fingerboard – $360.00+GST
Bolt on neck: Oiled fingerboard – with binding – $400.00+GST
Bolt on neck: Lacquered fingerboard – +$50 if no refinish required
Set neck: Oiled fingerboard – $420.00+GST
Set neck: Oiled fingerboard - with binding - $460.00+GST