Fretboard oiled/polished, frets buffed
Restring & tune 
Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar $40.00 plus strings
12 string electric/acoustic $50.00 plus strings

Deluxe Setup Includes:

String replacement
Fretboard oiled/polished, frets buffed. Body polished
Truss rod adjustment
Bridge radius/saddle adjustment for your desired playing action
Acoustic saddles shaved if necessary
Tune-o-Matic bridge saddles cut and polished for correct string gauge, avoid string breaks, improves tuning stability
Nut adjustment: re-cut/slots polished & lubricated for correct string gauge and tuning stability
Tremolo balancing on electric guitar
Intonation adjustment
Pickup balance adjustment
Pots, switches and jack cleaned
Battery checking & replacement

Electric Guitar : $90.00+GST plus strings
Electric Guitar (Floyd Rose/Locking Tremolo) : $110.00+GST plus strings
Acoustic Guitar Steel String/Nylon : $90.00+GST plus strings
Acoustic Guitar 12 String : $100.00+GST plus strings
Bass Guitar : $90+GST plus strings

We stock the D'Addario string range and offer competitive prices on these. If you prefer an alternative brand please provide with the instrument.

Deluxe Setup & Fret dress

All elements of the deluxe setup with a fret level, re-crown, dress ends & polish.
Electric Guitar 6 String: $170.00+GST
Electric Guitar (Floyd Rose/Locking Tremolo) : $190.00+GST
Acoustic Guitar Steel String/Nylon: $170.00+GST
Acoustic Guitar 12 String: $190.00+GST

Nuts & Saddles

Perfectly cut and polished to suit your guitar.

Strat/Tele style nut –
Bone – $60.00+GST
Brass – $80.00+GST
Tusq – $60.00+GST

Acoustic/Gibson Headstock style nut –
Bone – $70.00+GST
Brass – $100.00+GST
Tusq – $70.00+GST

Steel String saddle –
Bone – $60+GST
Nylon String saddle –
Bone – $50+GST